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  • Automotive Rekeying Basics: The Various Types of Domestic & Import Auto Keys

  • Much like the various types of makes and models for cars, each offering something different in terms of what the customer is looking for, auto keys offer a range of different styles and types for customers looking for something that best suits their car. If you didn’t know that there is more than one type of car key – you do now. From mechanical keys to programmable remotes, there are a number of different auto keys out there that you can use. Whether you are looking for function or preference, when it comes to car keys; you have options. Let’s take a closer look at the various types of auto keys there are.

  • Mechanical Keys

    Mechanical keys were the primary choice back in the day, but in more modern cars, you won’t find this option. Mechanical keys are typically for your home, locker, and other basic devices. You won’t tend to come across mechanical keys in cars today unless they are an older model. The reason for that is because they don’t have any electrical components that cars use to confirm the validity of the key.

  • Programmable Remotes

    Programmable remotes aren’t technically keys, they’re more-so buttons that are used to unlock and lock your car, ignite the alarm, and open the trunk. With our special equipment, we can have our locksmiths program a remote to your vehicle and either replace your existing one or duplicate it.

  • Transponder Keys

    This is probably the most popular type of car key on the market, similar to mechanical keys, except they do have an electronic component in the head of the key that communicates your car to confirm that the key is valid. Also, just like remotes, they need to be programmed in order to be compatible with your car. Transponder keys normally require the service of a dealership or locksmith in order to get them programmed to your car.

    Smart Keys

    Smart keys use microchips and computerized sensors to open and start your car. Smart keys don’t require a key, all it requires is the key to be within a certain proximity of the car in order to unlock and start the vehicle.

  • Vehicle Anti-Theft System (VATS) Keys

    This is a model of mechanical cut key that has a blade with a black resistor on it that has additional security as opposed to an ordinary mechanical key. A common misconception about VATS keys are that they have a computer chip, however, these keys don’t consist of any computer technology.

    Valet Keys

    Certain cars are equipped with a valet key, a key specific for valet services. This allows the vehicle owner to give a key to a valet that has limited use. They can unlock the doors, start the car, but can’t open the trunk, glove box or operate other functions.

  • Laser-Cut Transponder Keys

    Laser-cut transponder keys are similar to transponder keys, except they have additional security measures. Laser-cut transponder keys are made to exact specifications that require the knowledge of a locksmith in order to get it right. Village Locksmith can cut laser-cut transponder keys are a better price than what you’d get charged at a dealership.

  • Remote/Key Combos

    Remote/key combos are becoming a trend in today’s key world and are exactly as they sound – a remote and key combination. This gives the vehicle owner of having the security of a key being programmed to their car and the convenience of choice on whether they want to use a button or key in order to unlock and lock their vehicle.

  • Proximity FOBS

    Proximity keys or FOBS are a new option (can also contain buttons) and have the ability to start the car and unlock the doors if you’re in a certain proximity of your car. These keys contain batteries and you may need to contact a locksmith if the battery dies, we also can help you upgrade a basic key to a proximity FOB.

    Tibbe Keys

    Tibbe keys are unique because they can’t be duplicated by anyone except a locksmith or dealership. Tibbe keys only work with certain types of vehicles like Jaguars and Fords.

  • Lock Picking

    In today’s world, life can get busy and often we can take our mind off the current goal to begin focusing on the next one. As a result, unfortunate things can happen, like locking your keys in your car. If that is the case, Village Locksmith offers a solution that can help retrieve your car keys without having to replace or rekey the lock. We have a team of highly trained technicians with years of experience handling these problems, we can pick the lock without damaging the lock itself or the surrounding door.

  • Lock Rekeying and Cutting

    Village Locksmith has a team of locksmiths that can rekey just about every lock, including the ones on automotive vehicles. This is a perfect cost-effective resolution because when it is time to change your locks in the case of security precautions, we don’t have to replace the entire locking mechanism. Instead, we render previous keys ineffective. Furthermore, we can duplicate keys regardless of the type of key it is. This includes double-sided, four-sided, transponder keys, and mechanical keys.

  • Why Choose Our Team of Local Locksmiths

    Village Locksmith has a team of experienced professionals that you can trust when you are having issues with your keys or locks. We are licensed, bonded, and insured – guaranteeing the protection of all our customers – and hold licenses by State & Federal Locksmith licensing and training. Hiring a locksmith isn’t something that anybody budgets for, which is why we work hard to ensure our customers receive the highest quality of service at the most affordable price.

    We pride ourselves on the quality and speed of our service and have built a strong foundation on customer satisfaction. Locking your keys out of your car or home is a stressful situation, but we do our best to limit that stress with quick response times and effective results. When you call Village Locksmith, our nearest locksmith will show up to assist you promptly, keeping you secure at all times.