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Village Locksmith is your first choice for locks, replacement car keys, and more near Belleville, IL!

Belleville is one of the most populated areas in the Metro East area. Home to a diverse economy full of small businesses and Lindenwood University; its’ people are just as different. While the city of Belleville isn’t the most dangerous place east of the river; it, like any other city, experiences crime. That’s why Belleville residents call the Village Locksmith for deadbolts to lock their families, business, and valuables safely away. We’re locally owned and operated and have been solving all of our customer’s lock needs since 1972. We’re a fully bonded and insured option and have an A+ rating with the BBB. Call or contact us Monday-Friday from 8-5, and we’ll offer quality service at reasonable rates.

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Commercial and Residential Locksmiths near Belleville, IL

Don’t you just hate it when you lock your keys in your car? Or when you’re standing in front of your house; waiting for someone to come home with the extra key-set? At Village Locksmith, we take care of any lock problem you have. We help whether you’re locked in, locked out, or lock-less. We provide door unlocking services for you when you’ve forgotten the keys inside. Also, we can repair locks, deadbolts, and other security hardware for homes and businesses. Furthermore, we provide locking systems for safes, file cabinets, and display cases. Call us today, and we’ll lock up whatever you have safe.

Repair and Replacement of Auto Locks near Belleville, IL

We don’t just work on homes and business, either. We’re a full-service auto-lock company as well. We can do simple jobs like open your door or trunk, but we also provide a range of more complex services. One of the most frustrating problems that can happen in your car is for the ignition lock to go bad; the key won’t turn, and you can’t drive your car. We take care of that for you, with ignition lock replacement services. We can even provide you with the factory transponder keys, cut and program them to your vehicle, and even fix the keyless entry. Nobody wants their car broken into, but when it happens; call us to repair the damage done to your lock and security system.

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Fast, Easy Key Duplication Services near Belleville, IL

Call Village Locksmith, and avoid getting locked out of your car and home today. We can duplicate any key at an affordable rate. Count on us for everything from an extra key for your loved one to a full set, so the whole family can get in. From simple apartment keys to factory issued transponder keys; we can cut and program them all. Our locksmiths are highly trained and are motivated by your satisfaction. Visit us and get all your duplicate keys; it’s more expensive to have us come and unlock the door than to pick up a few extras.

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